Why are we so angry with Chick-Fil-A? Are we just being “intolerant” of the personal religious views of their founder?

It wasn’t enough that they interfere with the private lives of their employees and strongly suggest that marital problems may be grounds for termination.
It wasn’t enough that they publicly condemn homosexuality for “inviting God’s judgment”┬áby being “prideful, arrogant,” and “shak[ing] our fist at Him”.
It wasn’t enough that they donate money to organizations that attack equality, including a known “hate group” that lobbied in support of executing gays.
Now they are blatantly and illegally defying the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, defending their actions with catchphrases representative of a very small, conservative sector of Christianity that has absolutely no right to interfere in the secular business arena. Chick-Fil-A is a for-profit corporation operating in the public sector, and as such, absolutely cannot use “religion” to defend their illegal discriminatory activity.

We are, indeed, intolerant. We will not tolerate religion forcing its way into the public sector in a way that impedes the public’s ability to do business. We will not tolerate organizations openly scorning the laws by which they are bound to operate. And WE WILL NOT stand by while the rights of defenseless women, families, and minorities are laughed at, ridiculed, trampled, and condemned. Not in our country. Not on our watch.