Agnosticism: If there is a God….


Sometimes I still catch myself wondering if I might be wrong after all, if perhaps the conservatives and fundamentalists are right, if perhaps there is a God and he is a stern God and he will throw my ass in eternal torment for daring to question his existence.  After all, whatever does not proceed from faith is sin, and if I’m questioning him with logic and reason, I obviously don’t have faith, since faith is the conviction of things not seen.

Then I have to take a step back, breathe, and remind myself of the basic tenets of my agnosticism. More

When all you’ve learned to love seems to change….


So we must move to face our enemies — and to each of us his own.

Perspectives change across the board, as the last among us knows.
And I am proud of what I’ve sacrificed and I am proud of what I’ve saved:

In commitment to a greater good, strength grows from splintered faith.


Super Tuesday

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Greetings, everyone!

Twenty-two states are voting tomorrow. Any candidate with a significant lead will likely go undefeated to the general election in November. If you live in one of the states voting in the February 5 primaries (listed below), make sure you get to the polls tomorrow and cast your vote for the candidate you believe in. More