Christian Revisionism and Religious Morality

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I think one of the underlying themes that drives Christian revisionist history (the attempt by Christian conservatism to assert that the Founding Fathers were all Christians and founded America exclusively on explicitly Christian principles) is the belief that religion and morality are inseparable — that one’s religion determines one’s morality. The understanding, of course, is that Christianity is the only route to a valid ethical foundation, and that atheism or neutrality in religion necessarily entails a lack of any moral basis at best (and at worst requires inverting “Christian” morality so that evil is lauded and good condemned). More

Guns and Related Issues


As I’ve been posting and sharing a variety of gun-related status updates, images, etc. on Facebook lately, I thought it might be helpful to elucidate what exactly is my personal position on guns, gun ownership, gun rights, and so forth. More

Super Tuesday

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Greetings, everyone!

Twenty-two states are voting tomorrow. Any candidate with a significant lead will likely go undefeated to the general election in November. If you live in one of the states voting in the February 5 primaries (listed below), make sure you get to the polls tomorrow and cast your vote for the candidate you believe in. More