Minced Oaths

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Warning: boring entry.  I’m primarily posting this for my personal amusement.

A few years ago, having been raised my whole life to believe that “minced oaths” (gosh, heck, darn, etc.) were just as bad as “actual oaths” (God, hell, damn, etc.), I decided to take a microscope to the whole interjection issue and uncover the definition and origin of as many interjections as I could think of, to determine which ones were “acceptable” and which ones were not, and why.  Since then (and a good while before my entire religion began to collapse), I decided that words are just words, noting that the third commandment is a directive on lifestyle, not word choice (another person’s explanation here).  However, I recently ran across my old “minced oaths” research, and thought I’d post it here … mainly for laughs. More

When all you’ve learned to love seems to change….


So we must move to face our enemies — and to each of us his own.

Perspectives change across the board, as the last among us knows.
And I am proud of what I’ve sacrificed and I am proud of what I’ve saved:

In commitment to a greater good, strength grows from splintered faith.


The Blind Lead the Blind … Again…


So a friend of mine shared a link via Facebook to this post by a homeschooling mom detailing her reasons that courtship is the ONLY Biblical way to pursue a godly marriage. It contains some of the most ludicrous claims and ruptured logic I’ve ever seen. More

Can people really be so idiotic?

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I randomly found this on some random person’s blog … and could not believe my ears. Please tell me that the people who believe or agree with this narrator are an endangered species, rapidly being replaced by rational thinkers and observers. More