The Walls Again Collapse, With A Deafening Roar.


The Bible talks about a worldwide flood;
Could the fossils be the proof we see?
If there really was a worldwide flood,
What would the evidence be?

Billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth….
Well there really was a worldwide flood;
Just look at the stony curse,
With billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth!

Buddy Davis

When all you’ve learned to love seems to change….


So we must move to face our enemies — and to each of us his own.

Perspectives change across the board, as the last among us knows.
And I am proud of what I’ve sacrificed and I am proud of what I’ve saved:

In commitment to a greater good, strength grows from splintered faith.


The Blind Lead the Blind … Again…


So a friend of mine shared a link via Facebook to this post by a homeschooling mom detailing her reasons that courtship is the ONLY Biblical way to pursue a godly marriage. It contains some of the most ludicrous claims and ruptured logic I’ve ever seen. More

Happily Married

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I am now happily married to the woman of my dreams, Anne Moser. For a number of reasons (some admittedly better than others), we eloped on August 25, the day before my 23rd birthday (best birthday present I have EVER received!!!) and have now been happily married for nearly five months.


I went into McDonald’s, and I thought it was McDonald’s…


I went into a house and it wasn’t a house—
Slow white petals from the may-tree fall;
But it hasn’t got a blackbird,
A blackbird,
A blackbird,
It isn’t like a house at all.




All my life, but most especially over this last year, I have been amazed to discover what incredibly wonderful parents God has blessed me with. Some very dear friends of mine, who appear to be members of perfectly “normal” conservative Christian families, battle every day with trauma and scars from their upbringing. And I’m not talking about children of “broken homes”. I’m talking about families who truly and earnestly seek to follow God’s direction in raising their children.


It’s been a long, long time….

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…and a lot has happened. I devoted much of my life and nearly all of my free time to two very special people, and as of this present writing they are both completely gone from my life — the first by my choice, incomprehensible to her; the second by her choice, stunning me but not leaving me entirely without hope.

And during this period of time I’ve devoted almost nothing of my life and next to no time to the one most important Person of all. More

Best night in … a long time….

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We used to swim
The same moonlight waters,
Oceans away
From the wakeful day….

— Ghost Love Score More

The Tree

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He is like a tree planted by streams of water
that yields its fruit in its season,
and its leaf does not wither.
In all that he does, he prospers.

— Psalm 1:3 (ESV) More

Legend come to Life

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This is the speech I gave for my Speech class assignment earlier this evening. Enjoy! More

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